The election of the members of the final office of the National Assembly will be held this Wednesday, April 24, at 10 am, said the president of the provisional office of the National Assembly, the Honorable Pierre Maloka Makonji, after the closing of the plenary session yesterday. As for this plenary assembly on Tuesday, it was entirely devoted to the hearing of all the candidates for the various positions of the National Assembly's office.

Let recall that there is only unique candidature for this election of the new office of the Lower House of Parliament of the third legislature of the Third Republic- The candidacy "of the national deputy Henri-Thomas Lokondo having been invalidated, yesterday, to the post of president of the National Assembly. And the Majority (composed mainly of the FCC-CACH coalition) now occupies six positions out of the seven planned in the office, because of its numerical weight, more than three hundred and eighty (380) national deputies.

In particular that of president, two vice-presidents, reporter, quaestor and assistant quaestor- However, the only post reserved for the Opposition, the deputy reporter, is still vacant. The Opposition rejected it as a result of its dissatisfaction, and this, despite the attempt of Deputy Albert-Fabrice Puela of the Dynamique de l'Opposition to be able to occupy this position.

Since the beginning of yesterday's plenary, which has been devoid of members of the Opposition, Deputy Lokondo has asked for and obtained a motion to withdraw his candidacy for the presidency of the National Assembly. The elected of Mbandaka has reserved to go far with the discussion around this candidacy.

And the hearings began with the quest-deputy candidate, the Deputy Innocent Unyon Vakpa Katumba of the AABC political group, followed by the quaestor candidate, the Deputy Marie-Claire Alfani Machozi of FAFDC and Allies, which raised the feeling of better management of the National Assembly, considering his experience as a member of the FEC.

Since there is a vacancy of the deputy reporter-candidate, the Chamber of the People's Chamber was then electrified by the hearing of the reporter candidate, Professor Musao Kalombo Mbuyu Célestin of the AA / a group dear to the honorable Pius Muabilu Mbayu Mukala. He was followed by 2nd vice-president candidate, the national deputy Boniface Balamage Nkolo of the AAB political group. Moment0 had arrived when 1st Vice-President candidate, Jean-Marc Kabund-A-Kabund, UDPS President, took the floor- a speech at the height of his personality. And to close the circle, the national deputies have applauded the speech of the presidential candidate of the National Assembly, the Honorable Jeanine Mabunda Lioko of the PPRD.

This audition packed the entire Congress Hall of the People's Palace. And when she finished, it's as if she was already elected Speaker of the National Assembly, all the public was standing to greet this masterful speech. The election is taking place today at the People's Palace. In a few hours, Jeanine Mabunda will be able to succeed her colleague and comrade Aubin Minaku Ndjalandjoko, at the perch of the lower house of Parliament, for this third legislature of the third Republic.