"Elected President of the National Assembly, Jeanine Mabunda reveals her four priorities". This is the title proposed by FORUM DES AS to announce the election of the members of the definitive office of the National Assembly. Unsurprisingly, he announced, the PPRD national deputy, Jeannine Mabunda Lioko Mudiayi, was elected Wednesday, April 24, President of the National Assembly of the DR Congo. Unique candidate to his post after the invalidation of his opponent, the Allied Palu Henri-Thomas Lokondo; Mabunda obtained 375 votes out of 383 voters. She replaces Aubin Minaku. The former Minister of Portfolio will be assisted by Jean-Marc Kabund-A-Kabund as Senior Vice President. The interim president of the UDPS obtained 350 votes. The Mabunda-Kabund pair represented the FCC-CACH ticket.

In another article entitled:"parliamentary Control, laws stuck to social reality, Majority-Opposition balances … the challenges which await for the" new Announcer "of the Chamber", it mentions: "on April 24, 2019. Here a date which will make from now on, reference in annals of the Congolese Parliament which, for the first time of its history votes a woman at the National Assembly perch. Jeanine Mabunda, it is this lady elected yesterday Wednesday by his pars. Thus, with the honor of FCC-CACH coalition!".

However, this newspaper reported, after the vote of those he duly mandated on December 30, the primary ruler now, his eyes turned into this lady who puts on since yesterday, the stuff of President of the National Assembly.

In its analysis, FORUM DES AS also notes that Jeanine Mabunda takes control of this parliamentary chamber in a particular political context. The one where her platform, Common Front for Congo (FCC) is called to rule the country in a coalition with the Cap for Change (CACH) cartel, close to the current Head of State Felix Tshisekedi.

LE POTENTIEL mentions for its part:"national Parliament: a final office without the opposition "

"The law of the strongest is always the best," wrote Jean de La Fontaine, first quotes this tabloid before adding: "Within the National Assembly, the parliamentary majority (FCC, UDPS and UNC) has demonstrated by winning in the election of the final office of the lower house of Parliament: six positions, against one, left vacant on behalf of the opposition. Jeanine Mabunda (PPRD) takes the lead, assisted by Jean-Marc Kabund (UDPS) and Balamage Nkolo (AAB) ".

In view of the fight that preceded this election, the National Assembly could post an office without opposition, stresses LE POTENTIEL which also announces: "A sprain that will not fail to negatively influence the progress of the third legislature of the third Republic ".

In its editorial with the title: "Monocolore", LE POTENTIEL returns to these elections.

"The Congolese Parliament is made up of nearly 90% of the elected representatives of the CACH-FCC coalition. In the lower house of this Parliament, the situation is particularly dramatic considers this newspaper because, it reports, the distribution of seats in the final office has led to incredible episodes. Of the seven vacant seats at the level office, the CACH-FCC coalition has won six positions to leave the opposition only the deputy reporter chair. Sharing in all points of view unequal, in the name of the distribution of the quotas of the deputies with mandates previously validated before the holding of the election in the districts of Beni, Butembo and Yumbi

In the name of distributive justice, the elected members of the parliamentary opposition claimed in vain the validation of the mandates of 15 other deputies from this election. According to the calculation, the 103 deputies stamped opposition would add some 10 others. This would bring the opposition's quota to 113 and give rise to two positions within the National Assembly's office. Accustomed to shortcuts, the CACH-FCC coalition has made a passage in force by dictating its pace, LE POTENTIEL reveals.

Consequence, the newspaper notes, the opposition has slammed the door. It conditions its return to the hemicycle to take into account its desiderata. Opposite, the CACH-FCC coalition, confident of its political strategies, has pitched in on its position, confining the opposition in extremes.

For LE POTENTIEL, "With the establishment of the definitive office that has become effective since this afternoon, according to the will of the ruling coalition, the parliamentary opposition may no longer sit. If this threat is put into effect, we must fear that we end up with a national assembly totally with unique color. This suggests an assembly transformed into a sounding board, better a club of applauders to endorse the decisions of the ruling coalition.

What urges our colleague to note that: "Democracy is, of course, the voice of the majority but it also assumes the protection of minorities. Dreadful of its power, the CACH-FCC coalition even touches upon the sacrosanct principles of true democracy. By dint of looking only at its interests, the 3rd legislature of the 3rd Republic has given birth to a national assembly that will be politically too weak. One color in its composition, this assembly will offer the Congolese a very tasteless debate at a discount.

"The opposition seizes the Council of State to annul the election". The National deputies of the Parliamentary Opposition did not participate in the election of the members of the final office of the National Assembly, explains L'AVENIR which puts this title to its front page. In their statement made at the end of the meeting held shortly before this election, this newspaper reports, Opposition Deputies point out that this election of the office held without the Opposition, is organized in flagrant violation of provisions of the organic law on the status of the Opposition in the DRC and the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly.

LA PROSPERITE, always in connection with this subject, reveals: "Mabunda KABUND. The FCC welcomes cohesion in the new parliamentary majority. This political platform dear to Joseph Kabila encourages, however, this lower house of parliament to play its constitutional role through active support for structural reforms, the newspaper specified.

«CAN U23 qualifiers Egypt 2019.« The DRC disqualified in favor of Morocco for having allowed Arsène Zola to play »

Thunderclaps with the Congolese players, the Leopards of less than 23 years are disqualified by the Confederation of African Football (Caf) to the benefit of their counterparts of Morocco. At the base of this decision, the alignment of the member of Tout-Puissant Mazembe of Lubumbashi, Arsene Zola, whose age doesn’t correspond with this category. This announcement of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), broadcast yesterday Wednesday, April 24, was motivated by the correspondence of the Caf, after the request introduced by Rabat after the 2nd round of these qualifiers.

Eliminated on the ground after their defeat (2-0) in the first leg and an insufficient victory (1-0) in return, the Morocco’s players challenged the eligibility of the defender of Les Corbeaux/ Lubumbashi and captain of the national selection, Arsène Zola.
The golden generation coach Christian N'Sengi Biembi, composed of Jackson Muleka (top scorer of the Vodacom League I with 17 goals), Chadrack Muzungu, Dieu Merci Mukoko Amale, Ernest Luzolo, Peter Mutumosi and others, is sacrificed.