The United States intends to support the efforts of the President of the Republic, Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, in particular in his fight against corruption, the insecurity in the East of the RDC and the epidemic of Ebola like his vision to stimulate the economy to create jobs, declared Mrs. Melanie Higgins, director of the Office of the State Department, person in charge for the centre African businesses, in an official statement of the embassy of this country in DRC Saturday to ACP.

"President Felix Tshisekedi's vision is in line with the efforts that the United States can support," Higgins said during her visit in DRC from 7 to 9 May 2019, referring to President Felix Tshisekedi's remarks to fight against corruption, stimulate the economy to create jobs and ensure that the Congolese people come before everything else.

On May 9th, during a lunch hosted by the Ambassador of the United States in the DRC, Hammer, women parliamentarians spoke with her about a number of topics, including strengthening ties with the United States, promoting women's rights, the urgency of fighting corruption and putting an end to impunity in the DRC, the deterioration of the environment, trafficking in human beings and the empowerment of young people.

"What I heard was the thoughts from their hearts about the aspirations they have for their country," said Higgins, adding that these women want to turn their country into a place where their children can succeed and know a little more prosperity. Melanie Higgins also spoke about ongoing efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak with the USAID disaster response team and experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based at the US Embassy in Kinshasa. In her various contacts, Ms. Mélanie Higgins also spoke about the privileged partnership for peace and prosperity initiative, launched during President Tshisekedi's recent visit to Washington, as well as the strengthening of economic opportunities and efforts to restore security in eastern DRC, strengthening human rights, fighting corruption, supporting the response to the Ebola epidemic and women's participation in all areas of society.

She met with the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry, Christian Atoki Ileka, advisers to President Tshisekedi, newly elected women parliamentarians, Congolese English students and US officials working as part of the response for Ebola outbreak, etc.

Regarding the partnership with the DRC that the United States intends to strengthen, Ms. Higgins spoke with the Secretary-General, Ambassador Ileka, about increasing business ties with US companies, the project to build a new Embassy of the United States and the possibility of increasing the duration of visas for US and Congolese citizens on the principle of reciprocity. During her meeting with the advisers of President Félix Tshisekedi, she spoke about ways to fight insecurity in eastern DRC.

On May 8, Ms. Higgins visited the Congo-American Language Institute (CALI), the US Embassy's flagship English language learning program, as well as the UPC's US Corner where she attended a English course and familiarized with exchange programs between the United States and the DRC and resources supported by the Embassy for the learning of the English language in favor of Congolese. She was impressed by the enthusiasm and dynamism of the Congolese participating in the program.