"The time of impunity so much decried is over", insists the President of the Republic in his opening speech of the work of the seminar on the centring missions of governors and vice-governors began Monday, May 13 at Kempisky Fleuve Congo Hotel, in the city of Kinshasa.

"First of all, I would like to remind you that you are the worthy representatives of the President of the Republic in your respective provinces. This requires you to adopt exemplary behavior in the management of your respective entities", Felix Tshisekedi said.

Felix Tshisekedi told the new elected governors that they have the obligation to develop respective programs that will be adopted by the provincial assemblies by integrating the vision that aims at the integral development of the country. "In other words, the Head of State explains, Man will be at the center of all your actions in the different areas of life".

He says he is counting on each governor so that, after his five-year term as president, he brings the promised change during his election campaign. Felix Tshisekedi also says he making effort to achieve "these noble objectives by inculcating in all the institutions of the Republic the republican values which will be of strict observance".

Taking advantage of this moment, he reaffirmed his hostility to the "anti-values that undermine the institutions" and constitute, according to him, "obstacles to any development effort. For this purpose, he promises to fight with the utmost energy the diversion of the latest public, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, bribery, incivism and clientelism ... And this, brandishing the examples of public officials and ministers already struck for having continued to carry these anti-values in their management of public affairs. Insisting that the time of so much decried impunity is over. "You are elected to serve the people first and the rest immediately after ...", the President of the Republic recommended to the new provincial bosses.

He also transmitted his vision to them which, according to him, rests on 4 strategic axes, namely the Man, the economic growth, good management and the society …These 4 axes are the base of a range of challenges to take up, in particular the climatic change.

Facing this table, he recalled the heaviness of the task which awaits the new governors, in particular the precariousness of the population in the provinces, the multiplicity of the services on the level of the borders instead of 4 services recognized by the law and the annoyances of any kind.

He guaranteed to these new elected officials his total support and would take care, one says, so that the retrocession of the funds intended for the provinces is effective. It in addition wishes a quarterly evaluation of each governor:"I will want that a contract-program is concluded between you and the national Executive, which would enable me to evaluate the performances of each one of you, in order to give me the possibility of sanctioning your governance well after each quarterly evaluation. ", he declared.

This seminar which relates this vision and its orientations on the management of territorial will last 3 days. The governors and their deputies will, during this work, tackle in particular on the territorial and administrative organization of the provinces, the provincial political institutions and their competences like how to conceive the program of the provincial government.

Among the subjects of the seminar, it is also planned the mechanism of control of the province and the inter provincial co-operation. It will act, for this purpose, to understand how the provincial ones collaborate not to move with closed mud.

Long before the intervention of Felix Tshisekedi, the Deputy Prime Minister and Interim Minister of the Interior, Basile Olongo has formulated a request for allocation of funds equivalent to $ 5 million to accelerate the development of each decentralized territorial entity- A fund that, according to him, would not exceed the equivalent of one billion dollars for all the territorial entities of the Democratic Republic of Congo.