At the same time, some people think that the time has come for the Head of State to appoint a prime minister. Who does exactly what within the Presidency of the Republic? Question both trivial and relevant- Trivial, given the series of orders of March 6, appointing four deputy chiefs of office, nearly 80 advisors appointed in 16 colleges at a rate of five per sector, itinerant ambassadors ... In short, a elephantine team close to 110 members.

Moreover, the same question is relevant, given what some people describe as ambient cacophony in the office of the President of the Republic. Here, observers highlight major hiccups occurred, about two months only, after the various implementations or assignments at Fatshi's office. First table: the accusations without proof - so far - of "unjust enrichment of Vital Kamerhe, on the back of Felix Tshisekedi, through the payments made during the last three months".

In their time, sources in the office of the President of the Republic had raised the tone, arguing that accusations against Vital Kamerhe were the work of some close collaborators of Felix Tshisekedi who ask only bumps and wounds. The objective, it was argued, was to create in Fatshi, a feeling of mistrust vis-à-vis his Chief of Staff appointed January 25 and push the latter to leave his partner. The following is known. At least so far Vital Kamerhe is at his Dircab post.

As if that were not enough, another incident has just occurred between the Chief of Staff of Felix Tshisekedi and Mr. Jean-Paul Mulamba, Assistant in charge of logistics in the Office of the Head of State. He was accused of having taken the current May 6, a decision appointing a Director of Presidential Aviation Operations.

In his correspondence of request for explanations to the interested party, Vital Kamerhe described the act posed by the Logistics Assistant in the Office of the Head of State, usurpation of power, arguing that the competence of such an act under the exclusive prerogative of the Head of State...