Health Minister Oly Ilunga announced the immediate establishment of security coordination in Beni, Butembo and Goma, including the National Police, FARDC and Strategic Services and MONUSCO to develop a strategic plan Operational in the shortest possible time, within the framework of the fight against Ebola.

The Minister of Health, Oly Ilunga, said in his report after the exchange on Monday, at the Prime Minister between the Prime Minister and coordinator of the multi-sectoral committee of the response to the Ebola virus disease, Bruno Tshibala and members of the Government, representatives of the Presidency and those of the United Nations.

In terms of operations, it was also decided to strengthen the security of the Ebola Treatment Centers (ETC), the care teams of the population by coordinating the various components concerned and keeping the diagnosis up to date of the evolution of the disease taking into account all the information available from the agencies involved in.

The government will also intensify all initiatives that address the concerns of the public, both in terms of security and development. It also commits itself to intensify the DDR process in the region, to require the prompt collaboration of the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) in all issues related to the mobility of the population and to strengthen the collaboration with the influential actors in the provinces of Ituri and Nord Kivu both national and provincial to enhance public engagement.

On the health plan, Minister Oly Ilunga said that the government will maintain a comprehensive, flexible and integral response to various contributions that will improve its anchoring and its effectiveness until the complete eradication of Ebola virus disease.

Finally, the same government will be to intensify collaboration with the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the DRC (Monusco) and humanitarian agencies on the ground, to have a toll-free number for information processing and improve communication, with a view to raising awareness by political actors and local notabilities through the media.

The epidemiological situation of Sunday, May 12

In addition, it was revealed that, on Sunday, 12 May, the epidemiological situation included 1,680 cases of hemorrhagic fever of which 1,592 cases were confirmed positive. It was reported during these exchanges that the pandemic has already caused the death of 1,029 people against 450 cases cured thanks to the government response, which has allowed contain the epidemic geographically and reduce the number of victims.