The CONGOLESE NEWS AGENCY (ACP) reports in its newsletter of this morning that the issues relating to the revival and revitalization of relations between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Kingdom of Belgium have been at the center of the hearing that the President of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi granted, Tuesday at the Cité de l’Union Africaine, to a mixed Belgian delegation led by the ambassador, Renier Nijskens, special envoy for the Great Lakes Area

"After the quarrel, the DRC and Belgium reinvigorate their cooperation", L'AVENIR reveals. The newspaper refers to the visit, yesterday Tuesday, May 14, of Belgian Ambassador Nijkens and Major-General Boucké who had high-level meetings with the Congolese authorities. "Following a meeting between the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Affairs and Defense, Didier Reynders and President Tshisekedi on 3 April 2019, the purpose of this visit is to revitalize the close relationship that exists between our two countries ", L’AVENIR explains.

FORUM DES AS which deals with the same subject, mentions for its part: "DRC version FATSHI, after the Americans, the Belgians are reported." It blows a good gentle wind, in the relations between the DR Congo and its traditional partners, this newspaper comments on. "If, in terms of cooperation, there was a before Fatshi, there will be, without question, an after. All with a hyphen that would be called the DR Congo-United States of America cooperation or DRC-Kingdom of Belgium, Felix Tshisekedi version. Nothing to do with the subject of a scientific research", this tabloid tries to explain.

In a purely political title, LA PROSPERITE writes on its cover: "FCC-CACH, the boat is lagging behind: Fayulu is dragging, Katumbi is coming, Bemba is reported! ". He has had enough time, since his investiture on January 24, 2019, to form a government and appoint his main animator, this newspaper reports about Felix Tshisekedi. "All the negotiations," we learn from several sources, were conducted at all levels. So that everything would depend only on him. The newspaper notes. "It's well to do all the exercises, thinks the newspaper of Mont Fleuri, but, in any case, the main thing is missing as long as the FCC-CACH coalition has failed to take off ..."

LE POTENTIEL that thinks over economy, this morning, publishes: "According to the latest projections of the IMF, uncertain economic prospects for the DRC". While the IMF team arrives in Kinshasa on May 22 for consultation about Article four- the newspaper says in its latest report, Economic Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa reports a recovery in a context of great uncertainty. "The DRC is not far from this reality, LE POTENTIEL let know. "Against the growth rate of 5, 9% projected by the Central Bank of Congo in 2019 the IMF more focused on a rate of 4, 3%. According to IMF, the good health of the Congolese economy remains fragile, LE POTENTIEL still reports.