It blows a good gentle wind, in the relations between DR Congo and its traditional partners. If, in terms of cooperation, there has been a before Fatshi, there will be, without question, an after. All with a hyphen that would be called the DR Congo-United States of America cooperation or DRC-Kingdom of Belgium, Felix Tshisekedi version- nothing to do with the subject of a scientific research.

After the presidential election of December 30, the collaboration between DR Congo and its partners offers a new landscape. A decor that comes in terms of thaw; After Washington, at the beginning of April, here is Belgium, which is pointing out through an important joint mission led by Ambassador Renier Nijskens (Belgium's Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Area) - the same - and the General Major of the Belgian Army, Philippe Boucké (the helper of camp of his majesty, the King).

Therefore, the status of these two personalities provides enough information on the meaning of the Belgian mission in DR Congo. On Tuesday 14 May, the two Belgian delegations (civilian and military) were received by President Felix Tshisekedi. After their meeting, Renier Nijskens said that the exchanges with the new Congolese Head of State focused on the revitalization of cooperation between the two capitals, namely Kinshasa and Brussels...