Should we polemize? The fact is that the statement of Delly Sesanga and Claudel Lubaya on Monday, May 13 is a debate. Seizing the ball, Jean-Claude Vuemba asked the presidents of Envol and the UDA original to draw the consequences of their speech. Clearly, the Ne Kongo deputy asks them to leave « Ensemble pour le changement », the platform of Moïse Katumbi, created in March 2018 in Johannesburg.

The President of the Congolese People's Movement for the Republic (MPCR) believes that it is a mess to see these personalities declare that they do not belong to Lamuka and continue to be into "ENSEMBLE ".

"Delly Sesanga or Claudel Lubaya showed very well throughout the election campaign that they would not support the opposition candidate, Martin Fayulu, and that they would support the CACH, Felix Tshisekedi. The leader of "ENSEMBLE" finds himself the coordinator of Lamuka. So, they cannot be in Lamuka and support Katumbi, "said Jean-Claude Vuemba on Radio Top Congo.

During the general elections of December 30, 2018, the natives of Luiza and Kananga had effectively campaigned in their soil in favor of FATSHI for parochial reasons-because in Kasai, when we are not with Tshisekedi, we betrayed. They had no other alternative. But while doing so, Sesanga and Lubaya had broken with their leader who is Katumbi that supported Martin Fayulu.

For many observers, in the same way that they had loudly and intelligibly said during the election campaign that they supported Felix Tshisekedi, they would grow up in the eyes of the world by entering the Tshisekedist political family. For example, by creating a group of FATSHI obedience

It is the same for the Katanga’s leader, Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza who made similar comments about Lamuka. He is not opposed to Fatshi, he buried Lamuka, but claims to lead the fight alongside Katumbi into "ENSEMBLE". It's messy. However, during his interview with RFI and France 24, Katumbi said he took note of the proclamation of Félix Tshisekedi as elected president of the DRC by the Constitutional Court and is now part of the Republican opposition.

Katumbi's position exposes a certain tension arising from the emergence of two "trends within Lamuka platform." A radical or even "up to refusal" embodied by Martin Fayulu, Jean-Pierre Bemba, Freddy Matungulu and Adolphe Muzito - and another more "conciliatory" trend, represented by Moïse Katumbi Chapwe and Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi, the first continues to hold the "truth of the ballot box" speech.

As for the wing "open to compromise", embodied by Moïse Katumbi, we want to go forward, rebuild the country. "The most important thing for us is moving forward. We will be in opposition to defend the Congolese people. The reconstruction of our country is the most important, "the leader of "ENSEMBLE" said. In summary, the time of choice has come for some lieutenants of Katumbi who disavow Lamuka.