The prince of the church told the press at the end of the hearing that he came on a courtesy call because since he is at the head of the country he had not met him yet. He added that he took this opportunity to present, on behalf of the Church of Christ in Congo, his sincere congratulations for his victory in the presidential election of December 2018.

The Church of Christ in Congo (ECC), it is recalled, is a union that brings together 95 Protestant and Evangelical Christian denominations of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It performs a dual mission, internal and external. On the domestic front, she works in the fields of evangelization, Christian education and diakonia.

Present and dynamic throughout the country, the ECC is socially visible through temples, schools, hospitals, agricultural and development activities. On the external front, the ECC sends missionaries and maintains good relations with foreign churches and international Christian organizations. The ECC would like to be a truly evangelical, organized, democratic, autonomous, strong and missionary church.