Polemics and violence around the orders, L’AVENIR mentions: "The Head of State must fix the opinion". This newspaper notes that if the UDPS fighters stormed the People's Palace on Monday, June 10, 2019 to denounce, according to them, outrageous talks made by FCC executive against the president of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi, not to mention all the damage they could cause, yesterday, Tuesday, it is the city of Lubumbashi which followed the footsteps. "Before a sort of popular justice that tends to settle, Congolese can only turn to the side of the Supreme Commander and guarantor of the proper functioning of institutions, from which will come reassuring words".

"Supporter "pushes Fatshi to divorce with Kabila", CONGO NOUVEAU mentions. This newspaper questions about the future of the alliance between the Head of State and his predecessor. "How will the Head of State react to the political crisis born at the People's Palace and for which members of his party ask him to break with his ally Joseph Kabila? " The tabloid also adds that the elected deputy of the platform Ensemble of Moïse Katumbi, Christian Mwando also asks Felix Tshisekedi to end the alliance with Joseph Kabila. "What we have here is an unnatural alliance that manages us", this deputy reveals.

FORUM DES AS, for its part, evokes the reactions of the MLC and Ensemble after the judgments of the Constitutional Court and reports: "Reacting about the cascade invalidation of opposition deputies by the High Court: EMSEBLE calls FATSHI, the MLC calls for the march". In a statement signed by Pierre Lumbi, this newspaper reveals, the Katumbiste platform calls the Head of State to correct arbitrariness. "For its part, the party of Jean-Pierre Bemba is calling the population to a march this Saturday, June 15 ", this daily newspaper mentions. "On occasion, the vice- chairman of Ensemble would like to see the Head of State, also provide explanations to his compatriots, on the restrictions of the movements of which is victim Moise Katumbi.

LE POTENTIEL reviews the invalidations of opposition deputies and mentions: "The FCC seeks 2/3 of the National Assembly". The Constitutional Court is in the process of completing the reviews of appeals in contestation of national laws of December 30, 2018, the newspaper mentions. "According to the first judgments rendered by it, it is the opposition that pays the highest price. In reality, behind the Constitutional Court's invalidation judgments, it is the FCC that is consolidating its ranks by seeking two-thirds in the lower house of parliament with the objective of amending the Constitution.

In addition, the Congolese News Agency (ACP) mentions: "President Felix Tshisekedi at the annual conference of African banks in Malabo". According to the officer, the President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, left Kinshasa Tuesday for Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, where he will take part in the annual conference of African banks, the communication service of the Presidency of the Republic let know.