The case of raping a 13 years old minor, a pupil at the Reverend Kim school complex in Lingwala township, is not about to stop. It is the turn of the temporary Minister of Primary, Secondary and Professional Education (EPSP), Emery Okundji to get involved by convening, Monday, July 1, 2019, in his office at Gombe, the prefect of the Reverend Kim school complex.

The minister wanted more explanation from the head of this school on a matter that continues to make a lot of noise. Some even pointed to the responsibility of this school, although the crime is committed out of school place.

"We have an obligation to follow the education of our children. Such acts tarnish the image of education and discard the aim for which parents send their children to school ", the minister said. The minister promised that the Secretary General and the Inspector General will set up a commission in a shorter period to investigate and verify precisely these "serious facts".