The orders are made. What is done is done. I do not want to think about it anymore, nor to talk about it. I fully return into my music. I take care of my music fully ".

This is the reaction of Jean-Goubald Kalala following his invalidation, in an interview on Wednesday, July 3 to digital media, Jean Goubald said his return to music is not to confuse with the total abandonment of politics. "Going back to my musical career does not mean I'm giving up politics, I just take the time to reconnect with my music," he explains.

Proclaimed elected of Mont-Amba by the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Jean-Goubald Kalala sat for about three months as a national deputy before being, among others, invalidated by the Constitutional Court.

Several invalid opposition national deputies were revalidated following the Constitutional Court's judgments on requests for rectification of material errors. Among them are the elected representatives of Lamuka Cherubin Okende, Raphael Kibuka, Daniel Safu, Daniel Mbau and Jean-Claude Kibala.

Lamuka thinks of a last resort

After rendering its judgments last month, invalidating about twenty of the opposition's elected representatives, the Constitutional Court had received more than 160 requests for rectification of material errors.

The Head of State, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, had received the president of the Constitutional Court Benoît Luamba at the Cité de l'Union Africain. On this occasion, he instructed him to set up a special chamber to scrutinize the material errors decried by the invalid deputies.

Despite his rehabilitation, Cherubin Okende says he stands in solidarity with his opposition comrades who have been definitively invalidated. "The President of the Republic is the supreme magistrate, and the Court's judgments are executed in his name, and we will make a last resort fairly diligently in order to plead cases where no solution has been found at the Constitutional Court, we will see the attitude of the President of the Republic to these files", he said.

Louis Balekelayi does not agree 

"The Public Prosecutor's Office and the Court have given me right, I have been proclaimed elected." Following the Head of State's meeting with the President of the Constitutional Court, the latter has initiated a special chamber which should re-examine cases related to material errors, but also cases of flagrancy with regard to the cases of LAMUKA colleagues.

I was not concerned. Here an adversary enters the Court, makes a request for rectification of material error. The case was called, the public prosecutor's office declared his claim unfounded", Louis d'Or Balekelayi let know.