The former warlord was found guilty of 18 accusations. The litany of crimes that the judge ruled during the hearing against a rather impassive Bosco Ntaganda is long enough: guilty of murder, attacks on civilians on ethnic matter, guilty of rape, sexual slavery, looting.

The ex-commander, the second armed wing of the UPC who was one of the many militias that raged in the region in 2002 and 2003, is condemned as leader for the orders given during search operations such as told the witnesses. Military operations aimed at seizing this mining region.

Militiaman since he was 17 years old

Upon reading the verdict, the president dwelt at length on the Kobou massacre, where men, women, children and even babies had been slaughtered in a banana plantation. The judges also found Ntaganda guilty of the murder of a priest in Mongbwalu City, which was described as a city of gold diggers by various witnesses...