Mrs. Jeanine Mabunda let it know in a correspondence addressed to the general direction of the ACP with a copy for information to the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister as well as the Minister of State, Minister of Justice and guard of seals and to the Minister of Land Affairs.

This correspondence from the President of the National Assembly is a response to the ACP's letter in which she sent a memorandum concerning the spoliation of part of the ACP's concession, housing the general management of the said public media, by a mafia group, including a certain Jean Boaz Panzu.

The board of directors and the general management of the ACP have taken care to alert all the authorities of the country so that they can seize this file in order not only to stop the gear of the sale of the real estate heritage of the State, but above all to punish in an exemplary manner the spoliators and their accomplices.

In fact, Jean Boaz Panzu, who claims to be the owner of the ACP's concession on the basis of a fake registration certificate dating from 2017, had sued the ACP into the Kinshasa-Gombe High Court without the slightest descent into the disputed concession, the Tribunal had promptly rendered a judgment which gave the complainant reason.

In view of the seriousness of the plot, the agents and executives of the ACP, it is recalled, had organized a sit-in in front of the courthouse, in Gombe township, to protest against this attempted sale of their concession by these predators who aim, certainly, to disturb the senior management and the agency's staff as, more than ever before, the ACP really takes off through its website and physical newsletter. For executives and agents of the ACP, it is a truism to say that this public building coveted by spoliators does indeed belong to the real estate heritage of the State.

They waved on the occasion of their sit-in, calicoes on which one could read: "No to the sale of the State building, No to the spoliation of the concession of the ACP" and invited the competent authorities at all levels of the national authorities to get involved in this issue because for them, it is unimaginable that a state property is sold without any reaction from the public authorities.

This concession, they claimed, had been bought in 1973 from a Greek man by the late President Mobutu and made available to the Agency Zaire Press (AZAP-current ACP), during an official ceremony in 1974 at the time when Raphael Panu Panu-bi- Banda was Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to house the staff and all the services of this highly strategic institution.

Created by Prime Minister Lumumba's decree on 12 August 1960, barely 42 days after the proclamation of national independence on 30 June 1960 to replace the Belgian agency, "Belga", the ACP is the first Congolese public enterprise to see the day. Since then, she has been responsible for informing and training the public through its daily physical and electronic newsletter as well as its website.