Elvis Mutiri wa Bashala, Modeste Muting Mutuishayi, Stephane Kitutu O'Leontwa, Chantal Kanyimbo Manyonga and Professor Malembe Tamandiak lamented that this disciplinary case is found in the courts. After discussions with the leaders of various UNPC bodies, in accordance with the statutes of the Union and through the Peer Court, made three recommendations namely:

The chairman of the board of directors must make himself available to the disciplinary committee for a review of the file and must withdraw his current complaint at the level of justice, the board of the card will also have to reconsider the file of the radiation of journalists while that the Audit Committee should enlighten on the management of the Governing Board. Everything must be done in accordance with the statutes of the Union for a solution at the level of the Peers Court. During the time of the audit, the offending president should relinquish the day-to-day management of the UNPC to do not hinder the action of the audit.

At the opening of the meeting, ACP Chief Executive Lambert Kaboyi welcomed all the participants in the meeting who had chosen the headquarters of this public media center, the Congolese media center, to discuss the way to get out of the UNPC crisis.

"Your presence here comforts me, because it coincides with the unfolding of the ongoing trial before the judicial authorities of Kinshasa, relating to the attempted spoliation by a group of unidentified mafia of part of the concession housing the Administrative Council of the ACP. Wishing you a cordial welcome, the Congolese News Agency, through my humble person, also needs, as you can see, the support of the UNPC so that no part of its concession is stolen", underlined the Director General of this public institution.