The announcement of the publication of the State examination results is the responsibility of the central government alone through the ministry of the EPSP. This was stated Wednesday, July 10, the acting Minister of Primary, Secondary and Professional Education (EPSP), Emery Okundji, during his visit to the general inspection. On site, he realized the level of compilation of the items through its various stages of correction, evaluation and printing.

The publication of the State Examination results, 2018-2019 edition, it is for soon, the minister confirmed. The temporary Minister of the EPSP took the opportunity to challenge the various officials involved in the correction of the items to be objective and patriotic for a better and credible result.

Emery Okundji said that the publication of the results will be made officially by the ministry, the only official voice. The minister has not failed to deny the behavior of some compatriots who publish false results through social networks, while the correction work continues. He warns against all this speculation. The minister has found that the correction of items is going well and in total security.