"Beyond the political antagonisms, Tshisekedi propels Matungulu within ADB", mentions LE POTENTIEL which evokes a "blow" within Lamuka platform that should continue its political fight without one of its five leaders, while she is planning a meeting on Saturday, July 20 in Lubumbashi.

The daily newspaper believes that with the departure of Freddy Matungulu, preceded by that of Mbusa Nyamuisi, Lamuka's charter will have to undergo changes, especially with regard to rotating coordination. "Without anticipating the new configuration or, in the absurd case, the disappearance of the main force of the opposition, it is clear that Lamuka will not fail to reconsider its political line."

LE PHARE confirms that Freddy Matungulu has accepted the President's extended hand, as evidenced by a press release of July 10, 2019 bearing his signature, under the label of "Congo na Biso", his political party. The newspaper said that the man will sit as a director, within this institution for three years, to defend the DRC interests and the five States "shareholders".

"Considering from a political point of view, this is a hard blow, very hard for Martin Fayulu and Lamuka, the platform that had supported his candidacy for the presidential election of December 30, 2018 and in which Matungulu, for political reasons, was a natural and inseparable ally of the unfortunate candidate in this election ".

FORUM DES AS said that cutting short rumors, the person immediately reacted from Abidjan by a press release dated July 10, but broadcast yesterday. In this document, the president of Congo na Biso (CNB) confirms what still seemed to be a rumor: "I responded favorably to the appeal and would like to express my gratitude to the President of the Republic who, by this act of opening, reaffirms his will to favor the higher interest of the State and to rally the Congolese beyond the cleavages and political clashes, harmful to the Nation".

"Fight against corruption, Tshisekedi wants to reinvigorate justice", reveals L’AVENIR on the occasion of the first edition of the African day of the fight against corruption, placed under the theme: "Towards development of a common African position on asset recovery ", Thursday, 11 July.

The daily notes that the President of the Republic has continued to show his willingness to put an end to this scourge that annihilates the efforts made to improve the business climate.

On the same subject, the CONGOLESE NEWS AGENCY adds that the President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, has announced a series of measures that he intends to take in the near future to effectively fight against corruption in its various forms.

At the institutional level, the Head of State announced the creation shortly, within his cabinet, of a specialized service called "Coordination for the change of mentality", (CCM), which will have among other missions, to ensure prevention, awareness and fight against all kinds of anti-values. The Head of State also declared that he undertakes to be able to solicit and obtain from Parliament the amendment of the electoral law with regard to the modes of elections of provincial deputies, governors and senators.