The President of the Republic, Félix Antoine TshisekediTshilombo, announced Thursday a series of measures he intends to take in the near future to effectively fight against corruption in its various forms in the DRC, during the commemoration ceremony of the African Day of fighting corruption he chaired at Kimpesky Fleuve Congo Hotel of Kinshasa.

The theme chosen this year for the African Day Against Corruption is "Towards the development of a common African position on asset recovery". President Tshisekedi announced on that occasion that he will, in the near future, sign and hand ratification instruments of the African Union Convention over the Prevention and fighting of Corruption.

This ratification will undoubtedly allow the DRC to recover the assets and proceeds of corruption transactions spread over tax havens to the detriment of the social well-being of the Congolese people.

At the institutional level, the Head of State announced the creation shortly, within his cabinet, of a specialized service called "Coordination for the change of mentality", (CCM), which will have among other missions, to ensure prevention, awareness and fight against all kinds of anti-value.

The Head of State also declared that he undertakes to be able to solicit and obtain from Parliament the amendment of the electoral law with regard to the elections mode of provincial deputies, governors and senators.

He also said that adequate and consistent means will be made available to Justice to enable him to do his job well. Thus, President Tshisekedi called on all judicial personnel, especially judges, to deliver fair justice without giving in to the temptation of bribing.

The President of the Republic also affirmed that the strengthening of the legal and institutional framework of the fight against corruption requires to revisit the juridical and institutional arsenal and to put in place other mechanisms and means more adapted to the mutation of the phenomenon of the corruption with more dissuasive sanctions.

Felix Tshisekedi also called on corrupt and corrupters untouchables to retrain by strict application of the law. He reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to fiercely and relentlessly fight against corruption and related criminal acts, in this case the concussion, embezzlement of public funds, favoritism, clientelism.

For the Director General of the Observatory of Corruption and Professional Ethics (OSCEP), Saint Augustin Mwendambali, the celebration of the African Day against Corruption marks the beginning of joining efforts of African leaders to act together against the practices of corruption which delay the development of the African continent.

This commemorative ceremony organized by OSCEP was also marked by the remarkable performance of singer Doudou Ntela who amazed the audience by performing a song denouncing corruption in all its forms.