"Bahati's complaint against Néhémies Mwilanya and partners", announces LE PHARE, which considers that the war is total between the AFDC-A and the FCC. While we have not yet finished quibbling around the consequences of the divorce between the two political forces on the parliamentary majority, which could be modified if FCC deputies and senators undecided rank behind him, the interested party, the newspaper wrote, had filed by his lawyer yesterday Thursday, July 18, to the Prosecutor General at the supreme Court of appeal, a formal complaint against the coordinator of the FCC, Nehemiah Mwilanya and four seniors "rebels" of the AFDC-A, namely Nene Nkulu, Steve Mbikayi, Tshimanga Buana and Djanga Katakala.

Meanwhile, the paper continues, a FCC document of November 18, 2018, circulating on social media, reveals the FCC's US $ 1 million funding of the AFDC-A campaign.

AFRICANEWS adds that Mbikayi, Nene Nkulu, Tshimanga Buana, Patrick Djanga and others are accused of usurpation of power, abuse of power, poaching, forgery, threats, insults, disturbances of peace and damaging imputations.

The triweekly notes that in his complaint, Bahati still recalled that the FCC, private fact, does not have legal personality and its Charter does not envisage any sanction with regard to the members because not having Rules of procedure.

LE VRAI MODERATEUR speaks about Bahati and thinks that he is not "sure any more of himself and of the new way in which he engaged.

One sees him straightforwardly and shows obvious signs of weakness, in a field where the recourse to the morals of the Gospel never had its place."

The truth, according to this twice-weekly, is that the ex-minister of State in charge of Plan is in a "terrible dead end".

"In their forecasts amplified by the only concern for revenge, Kamerhe and him were convinced of the numerical destabilization of the FCC".

LA PROSPERITE shares the same concern and wonders whether Sylvestre Ilunga can work with the secretaries-general "to be patient, it is not to wait, it is to act while waiting for", paraphrase the daily newspaper which thinks that it is more than time to put order in the management of the public finance.

The tabloïd which seems in the secrecy of the negotiations reveals that the FCC accuses President Felix Tshisekedi to want involving in his internal organization.

The latter rejecting all in block, accuses FCC’s negotiators to be themselves candidates at the various ministerial stations". It is what the current congolese Head of State refuses and does not intend at all to see in the new Executive in gestation, the senators, national deputies or of the former ministers of his predecessor, Joseph Kabila", the newspaper revealed.