The opening of the exhibition of art works by the painter Christian Mapeki, dedicated to the Nobel Peace Prize and the late South African President Nelson Mandela, took place Thursday, at the headquarters of the NGO "Nelson Mandela's Friends for the Defense of Human Rights" (ANMDH), located in Kalamu township, as part of the International Day celebrated on July 18 each year, in memory of the illustrious personality.

During this opening, the artist Mapeki painted an evolutionary portrait of Nelson Mandela: from his appearance in front of the court before his arrest, during his imprisonment, his release from prison, his influence in Africa and in the rest of the world.

Regarding the international reputation of Nelson Mandela, the Congolese painter has painted in his different paintings the intrinsic values of a man of character, a high spirit and shaped by suffering. Upon his release, after 27 years of imprisonment, the late Nelson Mandela carried another message and a new speech advocating cohesion, forgiveness, national unity and interracial integration, instead of revenge.

For Christian Mapeki, the former South African President is recognized in international plan as a global icon of non-violence after several sacrifices embodying democratic values.

From this exhibition, he noted, we must remember the awakening of the consciousness of young people, because the youth who is the great strength of tomorrow is called to know that from their talents and energies, they can contribute to the development and change of the world in many areas of life.

The ANMDH NGO was created in Kinshasa in 1987 by a group of young Congolese. Its main mission is to safeguard universal and effective respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in the DRC. Its vision is to become an association of human rights professionals to make the DRC a country of law.