The Minister of Culture and Arts, Mrs. Astrid Madiya promises the authorities intervention in favor of the artist Josky Kiambukuta, a patient she received in audience Friday in his office. Ms. Madiya reassured her host in these words: "The government does not abandon artists".

His real name Joseph Londa Kiambukuta "DjoSex" took advantage of his meeting with this member of the government to seek medical care from the latter to allow him to follow the care in appropriate medical training.

He disappeared from the scene for several months and why not years. Struck by a stroke for several years from Europe where he stayed after a promotional tour of his Bana Ok band.

Since his return to the country, he lives in the family residence in the municipality of Kasa-Vubu without adequate care. He himself said: "I came to seek assistance from the government for medical care. I have always been alone since this disease struck me in 2001 ".

It was in 1969 that Kiambukuta began his musical career with Dr. Nico's African Fiesta Sukisa Orchestra. He played for a long time in the Ok Jazz band of Franco Luambo Makiadi, his former boss before taking part, in the creation of the Bana Ok group with Lutumba, Ndombe Opetun, Makoso. Singer of charm, he left his imprints in the different albums in which he had to intervene.