Mrs. Chantal Yelu Mulop, Special Advisor to the Head of State, made, Sunday, August 11, 2019, an update to determine the actors involved in the protection of the young girl and children.

The Special Adviser of the Head of State took this opportunity to launch a call for a deep reflection of each Congolese on the situation of the Congolese youth in general and that of the girl in particular. "Youth is tomorrow's hope," but Congolese youth say they are today's hope.

"If we want a better DRC, prepare our youth, however the reality on the ground is that Congolese youth in its entirety and, in particular, the girl, faces many evils that undermine its development as human being and hinders the development of its potential to truly meet its responsibilities to society, " Chantal Yelu Mulop says.

She added that there is a kind of resignation especially from educators to ensure not only the protection of the girl but also to ensure quality education. Mrs Chantal Yelu Mulopa gave the example of the young girl who was the victim of gang rape by her peers. This situation should challenge actors at all levels including parents, school officials, social workers, magistrates, lawyers, and many others.