The Prime Minister finally came into possession of lists of personalities called to make up his Government. During the reception session held at the Government Hotel, Sylvestre Ilunga welcomed the commitment made by stakeholders to the process that will lead to the development of the first draft to be submitted on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, to the appreciation of the President of the Republic.

In the meantime, Ilunga Ilunkamba set the tone, assuring the FCC and CACH delegates before receiving the lists that they were on the right track for the government to take shape in the coming days.

As a reminder, in a statement issued by the Common Front for Congo on July 19, at the end of the conference of the presidents of the political group members of this platform, the FCC reassured positive progress of the negotiations for the training of the government.

For this Cach partner coalition in the management of the country, the formation and publication of the government would not be long, since several prerequisites had been well defined.

In addition, the two platforms, the FCC and the CACH had made the commitment to respect the timetable given by the Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba for the filing of the lists of the candidates to the various ministerial positions.

Jean-Marc Kabund, coordinator of the delegation of Cap for change Wednesday welcomed the fact that the Prime Minister is in line with the Head of State logic who wants to work with men of integrity within the government team.

CACH, which recognizes that the government's exit has taken too much time, has resolved to act in a timely manner to allow all the institutions of the country to be operational.