The governor of the Ituri province, Jean Bamanisa Saïdi, presides Monday, August 12, the official ceremony of the pre-cantonment of the FRPI militiamen in the south of the territory of Irumu.

The operation organized by the provincial government through the specialized structure, the STARC and its partners, this action promotes peace, because this operation is part of the restoration of peace in this part of the country, says the spokesperson of Fardc in the operational zone in Ituri.

He further added that the Congolese government through its Starec program, with all the partners engaged in the search for peace in a peaceful way, in the territory of Irumu, they had held talks with the Frpi’s militia after that the Congolese government has tightened hand thought these patriots.

One more reason for the Frpi to lay down the weapons in order to pre-confine in the sites that they have chosen themselves- They responded to the call of the Head of State so that they could be pre-cantoned with a view to moving to voluntary disarmament and identification at the Irumu site.