The Minister in charge of Rural Development, Justin Bitakwira, announced this Monday, August 12 that the boarding school of Mbanza Boma, located in the territory of Madimba, in the Kongo Central province, will soon be served in drinking water.

It was during his inspection visit of the drilling work carried out by the rural hydraulic service agents of his department. Justin Bitakwira was on his third inspection visit of this work which will not only provide high school and college students with drinking water, but also residents.

The first stage of the work being finished, Justin Bitakwira noted the second step of renewing the pipes. In addition to drinking water, the boarding school of Mbanza-Boma is also stuck with the problem of electrical energy. Justin Bitakwira promised to interest his Colleague of Energy and Hydraulic Resources. But in the meantime, a 50 KVA generator will be available to ease the pressure of the water coming out of drilling.