The recent statements of the presidency of the Republic sounded like a promise of renewal and aroused hope among a Congolese youth now known to be disillusioned. It will be, perhaps, the end of the days of despair as sleepless nights for the young populations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

If one believes Hubert Tshiswaka, advisor at the presidency of the Republic, in view of his dedication to the cause of youth, it is a noble ambition that shattered last weekend in the hell of unemployment young people and their difficulty finding employment.

It was during a two-day forum focused on building participants' knowledge of youth employment issues in the DRC. The workshop was enhanced by the presence of many guests including politicians, entrepreneurs, civil society actors and young people from various places.

Clearly, Mr. Tshiswaka has invited young people to think outside the box in order to find strategies that can impact and influence public policies on employment.

It was on the occasion of the closing of the youth forum on the "Analysis of public policies and their impact on the process of youth empowerment in DR Congo", organized by the NGO "Habari DRC", at the Kin Plaza Hotel in Kinshasa.

According to the speaker, young people must use the intellectual revolution to become laboratories to help build the nation. An allusion logically based on the social reality of a precarious generation invaded by unemployment.

In short, Hubert Tshiswaka's intervention sounded like an invitation to renewal and raised hopes for a better understanding of his target's aspirations.

As long as, the interventions in the same direction allowed their authors to count on the reforms of the education system to be a priority in order to allow young people to distinguish themselves and be competitive in the job market.

Three major challenges of entrepreneurship have been highlighted to convince themselves of this. These challenges should be improved for a harmonious development, namely education, infrastructure and the implementation of a strategic development plan.

The forum revealed that young people were very clear in calling on leaders to address the issues of exclusion, poverty and unemployment throughout their term of office.

Their word must be heard because the country is far from being a haven for hungry young people, a country always promised a bright future if the policies invest properly in our youth. More and more graduates should enter the job market every year, it was whispered at the end of the forum.