For not having understood it Radio France Internationale (RFI) and the thunderous journalist Sonia Rolley have just been brought to justice. Reason: As of August 8th, RFI has in its morning newspaper and on its website passed on information revealing a $ 25 million embezzlement for the fiber optic project at the time when Kin-Kiey was enthroned Head of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies (PTNTIC).

The spread of this information false, according to Kin-Kiey, was enough to raise the "crab of Masimanimba" on his big horses. For Tryphon Kin-Kiey Mulumba's counsel, there is a clear intention to harm the reputation and consideration of his client.

The information delivered by RFI curiously falls at a time when in the DRC all Congolese are waiting for the publication of the first government of the five-year term of Felix Tshisekedi.

It is not a secret, Kin-Kiey Mulumba is a member of CACH, the platform that supported the candidacy of Felix Tshisekedi during the presidential election of December 30, 2018.

There is no need to say that having contributed to the electoral victory of his ally, he has awaited the political dividends of his support in terms of granting a post to the new government in gestation. But it is not enough to have supported the candidacy of Felix Tshisekedi and have led to victory to enter the government. Sylvester Ilunga Ilunkamba embroidered a photo-fit picture of his ministers.

He subjected them to a ten-level filter. One of his filters refers to integrity. It is precisely here, that the information delivered by RFI hurts Kin-Kiey whose image tarnishes by quoting him like a embezzler of funds of the State. This serious accusation or not is a thorn in the foot of the former PTNTIC minister. By deferring RFI and Sonia Rolley into justice, Tryphon Kin-Kiey hopes to see the judges say the right and wash his chipped image.