In order to make a success of this intermittent confining in the town of Kinshasa, epicenter of Covid 19 pandemia in DRC, the governmental commission in charge of the provisioning of this big metropolis for this period of medical crisis, evokes the creation of a big market into Fikin.

To believe the vice Prime Minister in charge of Budget, Baudouin Mayo, the starting of the operations and provisioning of this market will begin Monday April 6, 2020.

Among the two principal agricultural attics which will feed this shopping centre, there is the province of Kongo central and Grand Bandundu where food products of everyday consumption will be collected by road ways, river, railway, lake and others with the government expenses.

One dares to believe that the imminent erection of this big market will facilitate this time confining, already postponed, of this city which touched the bar of 100 cases tested positive with Coronavirus.

However, certain analysts fear the option of only one point of sale, in comparison with galloping demography of the capital of DRC, namely more than 10 million inhabitants and its gigantism of which a hundred kilometers from Maluku to Mitendi.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki