The township of Gombe is at its third day of confining which should last two weeks. But for cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, it is far from being sufficient. He pleads for a confining of the whole of the country, but took care of humane measures.

"The epidemic of coronavirus all plunged us in an unusual situation…  partial confining of Kinshasa cannot unfortunately stop the contamination. With our opinion, only a total confining together with humane measures would be effective to avoid the worst ", supports the archbishop of Kinshasa which, before even quarantined Gombe, had pled for an integral confining.

Up to now, the government was satisfied, on the humane level, to reassure the population that there will be no shortage of the foodstuffs on the market.  Only some private personalities are trying to get food with the needy one.

On 7 April, 183 cases positive, 20 deaths and cured 10 are listed by the medical authorities in DRC. Five provinces are currently touched:  Kinshasa, North-Kivu, South-Kivu, Kwilu and Ituri.  The epicentre of the epidemic remains Kinshasa.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki