The Observatory of the public expenditure (ODEP) greeted the decision of the court carrying provisional detention of Vital Kamerhe in the instruction of the business related to the 100 days work of the President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi. This work was a strong signal on the change that the new power intended to bring in the management of the State businesses.

However, in spite owing to the fact that the money intended to finance this work was freed, on the ground nothing is done proportionally with the resolved sums. Being to the furnace and the mill to materialize this special project of 100 days, Vital Kamerhe was invited at the court of Matete like informing. It seems that he did not convince and taking into consideration serious indices of culpability to his charge, he was placed in custody.

According to ODEP, this court order is a victory for the right state.  It shows that from now on nobody that his row is, will be above the law.  The ODEP affirms to have inquired into this file for 6 months in a meticulous way before passing the relay to the court.  It requires that justice be able to go as far as up to the end to flush out other personalities implied in this diversion and to tell the right. "The population wants to know all about this business", ODEP pointed out.

For his part, George Kapiamba of the ACAJ (Action for the access to justice), this measure of custody justifies since there is risk for the accused to escape the vigilance of the justice.  This more especially as the presence of the UNC militants in front of the office of the PGR sowed the doubt as for the will of Vital Kamerhe to appear each time the need was going to be expressed.  George Kapiamba, whose combat for the human right is known, affirmed that during hearing the right of defense was respected, Vital Kamerhe having been assisted by his legal consultant.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki