In an official statement whose got a copy, the ministry of the public health launches a vibrating call to the parents to make vaccinate their children. The ministry deplores the fact that the parents refuse to go to the health center for the vaccination of routine since the country faces the pandemia of the covid19.

This resistance believes one to know would be due to the fear of the vaccine against the coronavirus.The ministry for health specifies that only the vaccines envisaged in the vaccine calendar continuous with being managed.

It is about the following vaccines, BCG, VPO, DTC-HepB-hib measles (VAR) etc which protect infant against the dangerous diseases from childhood such as the tuberculosis, whooping-cough, hepatitis B, influenza and rubella.

At this time where an epidemic of measles prevails, the parents should have in heart how to protect their children.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki