Research in DRC must be dynamic once more and must be encouraged by the government, teacher Theophile Mbemba supported during a broadcast on radio Okapi over the problems of different molecules proposed by the African researchers in general and congolese in particular.

To the question of knowing why these products are not put in circulation, Theophilus Mbemba who is a specialist in cellular biochemistry and nutrition, pointed out that the validation of a drug follows a rigorous process near the recognized scientific authorities.

This for the simple reason that a drug is a foreign element administered in the organization and whose metabolism can appear fatal for the patient. The use of a product should especially take into account this parameter in comparison with the crowned character of the life which is devoted into the Constitution.

Teacher Theophilus Mbemba pointed out that the studies issued to date in the serious scientific reviews allow to understanding the procedure of Coronavirus. This understanding is determining in what it allows to have therapeutic prospects to prevent the virus going in all these stages from the penetration to the replication.

To date, it was checked that the hydroxychloriquine plays a major role in the treatment of this pandemia together with other molecules.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki