The tradesmen of Grand Marché (Zando) expressed this Monday June 29, 2020 in front the office of the provincial Parliament of Kinshasa to claim the reopening of the big market finally to face the negative effects of socio-economic related to pandemia of Covid-19.

They supported that this demonstration will last three days. They project to spend the night in front of the office of the governorate until a favorable action will be taken to their complaint by the governor of the town of Kinshasa, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka.

These tradesmen in addition pointed out that others among them spent the night into big market and others arrived since 4h00 in the morning. They affirm that work of rehabilitation of this trade place that Gentiny Ngobila holds up to justify the closing of the market never knew a beginning of execution.

They moreover let know that their wish is that like the township of Gombe is to unconfine, that the central market is also opened to enable them to face the socio-economic negative effects caused by Covid-19.

Let us announce that the township of Gombe has been unconfined for this Monday June 29 after nearly three months of containment i.e. from April 6 to June 29. The announcement of reopening was made on Friday June 26 by the spokesman of the government, Jolino Makelele, by respecting barrier measures of hygiene, the human distance to protect from Covid-19.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki