The congolese authorities have decided the recovery for this Monday June 29 of the activities in the township of Gombe, that after 3 months of confining due to the pandemia of Covid19.

On Sunday evening, various barriers placed in strategic corners as of the check points were take out.

On boulevard du 30 juin, the life began again and the passengers as well as taxis circulate easily.

In addition, the government maintained and hammers on the respect of the epic barriers which must remain of strict application.

And the committee of the response against Covid19 recalled the government to be taken care of this measure to prevent once more that the township of Gombe can become again the main place of the disease.

Gentiny Ngobila, governor of the town of Kinshasaa pointed out that he relies on Kinshasa people good citizenship in order to limit the propagation of Covid19 by the observation of the epic barriers.

"We made a success of the confining of Gombe, now, we mobilize to make a success of the progressive unconfining of our expensive downtown area", he specified.

He moreover launched a call to keep the Kin-Bopeto operation.

It is important to report that the majority of Congolese welcomed with ostentation the reopening of this corner of the capital. Almost all the activities of Gombe took again a part from the central market.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki