This meeting had like objective to see in which way to know the merits of these former players.

The wife of the head of the State recalled to these women basketball players that the valorization of the woman remains her war-horse. Thus, she held to thank her hosts to have to contribute to the advance of this country within the framework of the sport.

"I want to tell you that the Republic does not forget you. Me, I find that in our country, the girls do not do enough sport. I admire you and I will like that in your turn, you can reveal to the girls the taste to deal with the sport. The sport, it is health ", she was expressed.

And to add: "I know that there are many girls who like the sport. But they need the models and the people who can take care of them and in their career. However, we will see up to what point you can help us in our vision based on valorization by the woman ".

The former women basket players of the congolese national team got advantage to subject their memo containing three essential points, namely: to take into account their services rendered to the nation, to see how to remunerate and improve their living conditions profiting from the First lady support for taking care of the girl in the field of the sport precisely the basketball.

Let us underline that this delegation of women basketball players was led by the captain, Nguya Anakwete Jacqueline, which decided to bring a strong hand to the wife of the head of State in materialization of his vision within the framework of taking care of the girl.

Thus, the hosts of Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi, honoured her while handing her their cup of Africa champion.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki