The Coordinator of the common Front for Congo(Fcc) invited the youth of this coalition expensive to the senator Joseph Kabila to preserve the peace climate.

It was during an exchange organized Sunday July 5, 2020. It was also a question of reviewing the political situation of the country.

One of the representatives of the youth of the FCC platform, Gaël Busa revealed that this meeting also counted on how to preserve the assets of the FCC, cohesion and the unit, the stability and the work of the democratic institutions as well as the mobilization in the discipline in order to preserve the national heritage which is DRC.

The meeting between the coordinator of the FCC in the person of Néhémie Mwilanya and the delegates of the youth of this platform intervenes a few days after the demonstrations which had in Kinshasa following the private bills of Minaku and Sakata at the base even of the short interpellation of the Vice Prime Minister in charge of Justice, Célestin TundayaKasende.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki