"The urgently state extended for the 6th time", L’AVENIR reports. On request of the head of the State, the Parliament through the National Assembly and the Senate extended for the 6th time the medical urgently state for 15 days, announces this newspaper which notes, that meanwhile, some estimate that the Parliament will extend this urgently state as a long time as the COVID 19 will constitute a threat for the country, this newspaper mentions.

Especially that, it estimates, according to the response team, the step did not know the peak in terms of contamination of the masses. So L’AVENIR recommends: "That the recommendations of the National Assembly are examined and that the government takes account of it".

Always on this topic, the same tabloïd reports: Lifting of the emergency state, the government launches the thought ".

Considering all the conclusions from the multi-sector committee of the fight against the COVID 19 which gives a report of risk always increased to see this epidemic making more damage among the population, many are these who support that the maintenance of urgently state in force for 15 days successive periods.

Thus the president of the Republic seized the Parliament through the two rooms for an nth prolongation. Step which, L’AVENIR reveals, does not meet the approval of a certain opinion which only estimates considering the shouting poverty of Congolese people, it is necessary to take out the measures which went with this emergency state.

FORUM DES AS mentions that this: "emergency state: one fells a prolongation coming on".

After three months and two weeks passed under this system of restrictions due to the pandemia of Covid-19, it was time to stop. Because, it notes, according to many Congolese come from there to accept the reality according to which Covid-19 has still many days and that the current strategy of confinement cannot endure because of its harmful direct impact on the economy of the country and the social wellbeing of the populations. Especially for the non-official, and to specify: "After the national deputies, the Senators will examine in second reading this prolongation later before its promulgation by the Head of the State, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo".

About the use of the financial resources availability of the multi-sector committee of the fight against this pandemia, FORUM DES AS is questioned: "Management of Covid-19: quid of US 24 withdrawn million out of the 27?

According to our newspaper, "Supporting yesterday to have used only 3 million dollars, Eteni Longondo leaves Congolese on their thirst". The congolese Government, one recalls, withdrew a total of US 27 millions, to face the pandemia of Covid-19 which has occurred on last 10 March in Kinshasa. In the light of these topics of the minister of supervision, it thus gives off a differential from 24 million American dollars to justify, warns FORUM DES AS which puts a following question: What did they did with this money? What destination took this money?"

These questions without answers for the moment, tap the mind of many Congolese having followed the service of Eteni Longondo of yesterday Monday on the private Top Congo FM radion, it continues.

In connection with the designation of the new organizer of the electoral Central, "Ronsard Malonda at the head of the CENI: CACH deputies disapprove the `` riding step of ''FCC", PROSPERITE reports.

Just like with the presentation of its candidature, the ratification of Ronsard Malonda by the parliamentary majority at the time of the plenary meeting of last Thursday 2 July, still did not achieve the unanimity within the coalition to the power, and consequently seems to give rise to a nth crisis of confidence on the political level between FCC-CACH which, of the remainder, is already put at evil, according to LA PROSPERITE which evokes: "In a declaration signed on Friday July 3, 2020, the deputies members of the parliamentary group of Cap for Change (CACH) denounce the process used by their partner of the Common Front for Congo (FCC), majority at the Parliament, for the ratification of Ronsard Malonda," allegedly "described as member of the CENI named by some religious confessions".

"March of July 9 against Ronsard Malonda: last adjustments between the UDPS and Gentiny Ngobila ". LE PHARE which proposes this title stresses that the staff of the UDPS relies on the massive participation of its seniors and Fighters to launch a strong message towards the FCC and the National Assembly, in order to bring them, as it is already the case for the proposals of the laws of Minaku and Sakata, to give up the passage in force in the choice of the successor of Corneille Nangaa at the head of the CENI.

"Designation of Ronsard Malonda: Olenghankoy as fireman in front of the religious confessions", L’AVENIR let know. Fearing a crisis with the incalculable consequences and taking account of the speeches held from that and there, Joseph Oleghankpy, president of the national Council of follow-up of the Agreement of “Saint Sylvestre” and the electoral process, saw themselves in the obligation to meet the fascinating parts concerned by designation of the president of the CENI.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki