Any person witness of unspecified abuse which is keep silent, is made the accomplice of the author of this abuse- This thought undoubtedly inspired the vice-minister of Health, Albert M’ Peti Biyobo. In a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister, head of the government, he teases his holder Eteni Longondo whose fuzzy and non orthodoxy management of the funds allocated to the management of Covid-19 is exposed.

"At the Ministry in charge of Health, there are solids mafia networks intentionally created to divert these funds. Certain members of the Cabinet, in intelligence with these mafia networks, systematically waste the Funds allocated by the Government and the partners ", denounces Albert M’peti in his memo. He affirms that "these mafia networks require retro commissions until height of 35% near the profit structures of these Funds".

This financial waste which has all the pace of the mixing business and politics, can only revolt the good minds, when it is known that the hospitals of the State in Kinshasa as inside miss drugs and others materials, the looking after personnel made with the fight against Covid-19 shows arrears of payment of more than two months.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki