"PPRD versus UDPS: pushed of violences ", mentions AFRICA NEWS which estimates that these parties to the power broke the medical urgently state.

A policeman and three members of the UDPS killed- according to the secretary-general Augustin Kabuya-, several casualties as well in the rows of the policemen as the demonstrators, the political seats burnt, the Church of Pastor Sony Kafuta vandalized, about twenty motor bikes of Wewa close to the presidential party burned, enumerates the triweekly which requires accounts to the authors of these incidents: "Those who invited to express and cause deaths against the opinion of the governmental authorities, in violation of the urgently state proclaimed by the president of the Republic and in rebellion against hiss powers are however known of all".

For FORUM DES AS, the UDPS initially faces the prohibition announced by the VPM, Minister of Interior and then requires his resignation. However the day before, the daily newspaper specifies, the boss of Territorial had banned all the demonstrations pro and anti ratification by the National Assembly of Ronsard Malonda like chair of independent national electoral Commission (CENI), planned on Thursday July 9 in Kinshasa as in the provinces, at the end of a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba.

L’AVENIR also charges the UDPS which "defies the authority of the State". The newspaper estimates that Udps to the power does not differ of anything within Udps yesterday in the opposition, denouncing stubbornness of organizers become "untouchable". And then, compatriots lose their lives and certain goods of the well identified people ransacked, the daily newspaper deplores.

"Udps must understand that Gilbert Kankonde acted like a statesman and not a militant of a political party. The station is reserved for Udps, but once named, one serves the Motherland ", pointed out the daily newspaper estimating that Augustin Kabuya has a disorientated vision as for this.

Facing these tensions, LA PROSPERITE estimates that the consensus is essential as for the nomination of chairman of the independent national electoral Commission (CENI). "This stage, the coalition to the power is more than ever at the level of the implosion in comparison with current reactions of the members of each platform. In the tread, the presidential party requires the resignation of the VPM in charge of the Interior and Security. The churches on their side are in conflicts. Voices rise for reforms which will touch even the appointment mode of Chairman of the electoral central ", the newspaper reports

Meanwhile, CONGOLESE NEWS AGENCY reveals that the President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, regained Kinshasa Thursday morning, after three days of a private stay in Belgium where he met king Philippe and the Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, one learned on Thursday from the official sources.

ACP adds that the congolese Head of State was received on Wednesday by the Belgian sovereign for "a meeting in private matter", reveals the royal Palate to the Belga agency. Tuesday, he had met Mrs. Wilmès within the framework of the continuity of the contacts established at the time of the visit of the Prime Minister in DRC last February.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki