The vice Minister in charge of secondary and technical primary education (EPST), Didier Bubimbu visited this week the national education promotion (FPN). Objective: to become saturated about functional realities of this EPST structure.

The report on the ground attests difficulties on the harvest of the funds for its functionally. The free of chargeof basic teaching issued this year caused the removal of the school expenses. What does not allow any more the FPN to collect usual percentages

"I came to bring good news compared to the decree which is restructuring the FPN, especially compared to the resources. We had profit of cause on the level of the government and the step is following its normal course ", Didier Budimbu reassured.

The FPN has the role of supporting and promoting national education, thanks to the collection of the necessary resources to the achievement of all the direct and indirect operations. Among the twelve fields of his intervention, there is the organization of mutual insurance Health Company and the activities on school medicine.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki