According to the multi-sector committee of fight against pandemia, out of 456 tested samples, 28 new positive cases were confirmed, including 25 in Kinshasa, 2 in Equateur and 1 in Lualaba. Thus producing the total of 8163 cases including 3983 people cured, this, since the declaration of pandemia in Democratic Republic of Republic.

For recall, 14 provinces remain until now touched in particular: Kinshasa (epicenter) 6948 cases; Kongo Central 352 cases; Sud -Kivu 276 cases; Haut-Katanga 260 cases; Nord-Kivu 203 cases; Lualaba 74 cases; Haut-Uélé 16 cases; Tshopo 13 cases; Ituri 6 cases; Kwilu 4 cases; Sud-Ubangi 4 cases; Equateur 4 cases; Haut-Lomami 1 case and Kwango 1 case.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki