The Head of State, Felix Tshisekedi named the team of people who will have to help the government of the Republic to effectively fight against corruption.

The prevention and fight Agency against the corruption (Aplc) will be managed by a coordinator, in the person of Ghislain Kikangala and he will be assisted by Mike Lesaye, assistant coordinator in charge of the complaints, inquiries and investigations.

Benny-Laure Kamwenziku Kusanzakana, deputy coordinator responsible of detections, the prevention and the administration.

Francis Lusuakueno Kisongele Mena as for him is named deputy coordinator in charge of the continuations of the businesses fixed in front of justice.

The prevention and fight Agency against corruption is a specialized service within the cabinet of the president of the Republic and has as a particular task to put a term at corruption, to sensitize, prevent and avoid the escape of fund.

Corruption is described like one of the principal plagues undermining DRC since its independence, it has had as consequence the poverty of population and increasing criminality.

Although corruption took worrying proportions in DRC, the organizers of Aplc will have to take up the challenges to answer the call of the Head of State that to put a term at this plague.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki