The democratic Republic of Congo left from torpor of more than 4 months imposed following pandemia of Coronavirus. Environment being the Master word of all the enchanting. The guests found all that it missed to them to seal their thirst for spaces of full air.

The appointments taken were noted that and there as if people did not wait until the announcement whistle of the break. The hottest corners extremely crammed in the evening allowed the guests to be found around glasses.

That, since the advertisement of the lifting of the state urgently medical main road, Wednesday July 22, 2020 at midnight, by President Felix Tshisekedi.This decision also included the opening of the commercial activities like the coffees, bars and restaurants.

The tenants of these commercial activities and professional put themselves at work, immediately after the announcement of this measure. The social meetings and the celebrations were authorized for this purpose.

It is the same for the schools, universities and other educational establishments will reopen on August 3, while the worship places, the stadiums, the airports and the international borders will be reopened as from August 15.

The emergency state was announced on March 24 after a recrudescence of the confirmed cases of coronavirus. The country knew a fall of the number of new cases announced during two last weeks. The RDC has until now announced 8 543 cases of coronavirus and 196 deaths.

The virus was propagated in 14 provinces out 26 since March 10, dates to which the first cases were pointed out. The president declared that the safety measures such as the social distance and the wearing of masks in public will continue.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki