LE POTENTIEL considers insufficient the measures taken at the time of the 41st meeting of the Council of Ministers about the depreciation of the FC. Indeed, the tabloid notes, during this Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister did not speak- I, fact he should deliver the general policy of the government. The president of the Republic was satisfied to require a weekly report of the governor of the central Bank and the Minister in charge of Finance. One must thus fear that the already serious economic impact, related to the pandemia of Covid-19 worsens more in DRC?

In its leading article entitled:"the PPRD/FCC between nostalgia and mourning", LE POTENTIEL reconsiders the march organized last week by this political regrouping. According to this newspaper, this march is related to political survival and has nothing to do with the proclaimed popular motivations one week before by Udps, Lamuka and Clc.

"Their strange support for the institutions remains sullied with suspicion", this newspaper points out. LE POTENTIEL stresses that most aberrant, it is to intend these kabilists with the short memory to denounce "the dictatorship and the violation of the constitution, the degradation of the socio-economic situation of the population under Tshisekedi.

"Filled by hatred, they dared to claim also but in favour of whom? "a right State, the revalorization of soldiers and police officers payment, an equitable justice"! This is black humour or a sequence of the Theatre de Chez-nous "to make fun of the 80 million Congolese which remained, during 18 years, on the roadside paved by the Joseph Kabila’s system", this newspaper questions.

Under the title: "Mwilanya’s visit to Vital Kamerhe", FORUM DES AS report that one wonders about why of this visit now, few days after the passage of the Abbot Nshole. More than 3 months after the arrest of Vital Kamerhe, one starts to see personalities other than those of his party to ravel to Makala.

For the tabloid, it is not a chance. This displacement of Néhémie Mwilanya to the ex-prison of Makala intervenes at the time when FCC-CACH coalition crosses strong zones of turbulences.

L’AVENIR devotes its main title on the frontier conflict against Zambia "the SADC gives reason to the DRC", the newspaper notes. Indeed, after examination of the dispute frontier which opposes Zambia against DRC, the SADC comes to decide that the localities of Kibanga and Kalubamba, in the province of Tanganyika form integral part of the DRC. It was given 7 days to the Zambian army to evacuate its troops.

The Congolese News Agency (ACP) reports that during the Council of Ministers of last Friday, the Head of State informed the ministers of Justice and Finances to regulate the DRC’s files in front of the international judicial bodies.

Felix Tshisekedi who was informed of the existence of several litigations in basic procedure or distraint currently hanging in front of the international judicial bodies, deplored the fact that private settlements were not privileged on these occasions, nor of the provisions of lawyer fees paid in effective times.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki