Dieudonné Pieme, governor of the province of Kasaï, said that he was satisfied of the quality of taking charge of this disease which will surely avoid the contamination with other people.

It was an occasion for Governor Dieudonné Pieme to chair his first meeting of response against Covid-19. He expressed his desolation facing some journalists who chose the misinformation like way of life.

Dieudonné Pieme invited the journalists to finally play their role to avoid falling into violations of the press laws and expressed his satisfaction on the way of taking charge of the first case whose evolution is promising.

The provincial authority ensures the opinion the engagement of his committee in the management of this disease, satisfied with the behavior of certain agents of safety at the Poste de Louange.

Dieudonné Pieme, required the revival of the agents in the respective stations for notorious inefficiency in the performance of their duty, since all the recorded cases come from Kinshasa, epicenter of the covid-19.

"I cannot accept that a contaminated person entered in province July 9 whereas there was a measure banning any entry. But in spite of that Mr Ngandu Marcel managed to enter without being detected "- he let know.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki