Indeed, in stay in Beni to give to the population a batch of sheets for the construction of a mortuary, dwellings destroyed by the ADF and of the houses which did not resist strong rains which flowed on Ruwenzori, Steve Mbikayi saw the gift of the government rejected by the population exasperated by the massacres that she undergoes in a recurring way in this part of the country.

"What is the aim to rebuild our houses so that they are destroyed a few days afterwards by the ADF", let know the population by stressing that as usually, they build their houses only without the assistance of someone." Restore for us peace, it is what we need right now", the inhabitants of Nord-Kivu declared.

In fIn front ront of this reaction, Steve Mbikayi promised to transmit their problem to the government for final solutions.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki