Several finalist pupils of the secondary did not have yet their access macaroon in the centers this Monday morning, day of the test of essay, with the great distress of some of them and even of their parents.

This problem is added, the behavior of the persons in charge for certain schools, especially private, which force the parents by requiring the payment of the totality of the expenses whereas the ministry for Primary, secondary and professional Education, EPSP, had decided that the schools can take into account the results of the first and the second quarter.

In addition, because of the crisis of the COVID 19 which paralyzed all the activities, a lot of parents did not expect the organization of the State examinations this year, did not prepare to finance their children studies of.

"With such a climate which is likely of traumatizing the children, it is difficult to stand for the examinations under good conditions. It is hoped well that the ministry for Epsp will find solutions to all its problems before the ordinary session having to start Monday September 7 on the whole of the national territory ", a parent declared.

These tests which are organized with exceptional conditions, because of the health crisis- From where to avoid failures being able to come from precipitation, it should be recognized, in their organization of these tests, the ministry for the EPSP should implement all to take up challenge. Especially that a great polemic surrounds this school year.

This Monday morning, a delegation of this ministry, including the authorities of the town of Kinshasa carried out the turn of certain centers of the capital to encourage the pupils to better passing their examinations. Such is the case of the Saint Joseph college in the township of Gombe.

After the essay, the finalist pupils of the secondary, will take part as from this Tuesday September 1, with the practical tests which will last 5 days.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki