"Withdrawal of the presidential orders: brainwashing!",mentions about the rumours which circulate these last hours in the social networks. «Checking made near the reliable sources, it proves that it is about, according to new expression devoted of" fake news ". The unavowed intention of the propagators of these rumours is to try to give credit to the thesis of the alleged heavy fault which the Head of State would have made, of course the violation of the Constitution, which is struck seal of '' the high treason », the tabloid comments on.

On the subject indeed of this polemic on the "intentional violation of the Constitution by the Head of State", CONGO NOUVEAU mentions: "Felix Tshisekedi does not risk anything". According to this newspaper, the penal judge of the president of the Republic being the constitutional Court, the action of his dismissal is carried out by the Attorney General close this jurisdiction which seizes the presidents of two rooms of the Parliament and not the reverse. Up to now, the newspaper continues, the Attorney General did not initiate anything and to initiate an unspecified continuation against the president of the Republic. "Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi can thus sleep quiet. He does not risk anything", concludes the tabloid which is not prevented all the same from announcing" hot September between Fatshi and Kabila "around the control of the CENI and the war around the Constitution.

"Nomination within the territorial, the FCC tackles Gilbert Kankonde", evokes FORUM DES AS which mentions in its front page that for this big Kabiliste platform, these new installations should profit from broad consultations within the coalition. In an official statement of the conference of the presidents made public on September 9, the FCC denounces moreover the absence of transparency in the imminent nominations within the Territorial.

"The FCC underlines, in addition, that these premature and not prepared changes are justified by partisan mobiles. From where the internal consultations, i.e. within FCC-CACH coalition in order to avoid any polemic, like that occurred after the presidential orders of last 17 July, carrying appointment of high-ranking magistrates in particular ", the daily newspaper of Limete revealed.

In another chapter, L’AVENR announces that the general Inspection of finances inquires into the management of Go-pass and the agro industrial park of Bukangalonzo. The IGF affirms that Congolese will be edified soon on what one did of the money taken under Go-pass in all the airports and the persons in charge for the scandalous rout of Bukangalonzo will answer in front of justice, the newspaper notes.

This one pointed out that since the Head of State stabilized the general inspection of finances, several economic and financial experts reflect on in particular the reorganization of the central Bank of Congo which must pass by the designation of new members of the committee of monetary policy, by its recapitalization and the nomination of new organizers. These action of the IGF must also, according to the newspaper, lead to tax reform in particular that of the movable tax and the fiscalization of the appreciation of the transfers of the shares between partners or shareholders, field par excellence of tax avoidance.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki