Firstly, they are the elaboration of a realistic budget 2021 in conformity with the macro-economic framework, secondly the actions for the implementation of statutory bodies at the central Bank of Congo (BCC) and finally the transparency in the mining sector.

These preliminary actions were made available of the government by the means of the Minister in charge of Finance, Sele Yalaghuli. It was during a videoconference with a delegation of the IMF, exchange which related to the closing of mission of this financial institution, in connection with the program of reference which is completed in September and of the preliminary actions for a triennial program which should begin in October of this year.

The delegation of the IMF invited the government to negotiate with the BAD and the World Bank in order to obtain budgetary supports.

Concerning the mining (the ITIE), the IMF recommended to the government the taking in charge of this structure and the publication of the report of the mission of the IMF carried out in DRC at the end of 2019 on the management as well as the publication of all the concluded mining contracts, amongst other things those of the MIBA and SOKIMO.

Being about the Issuing house, the IMF invites the government to provide this institution with the auditors like renewing the members of its Board of directors.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki